Company Profile

Our winery is a family run business where the old and new generations work together in order to produce high quality wines. It all began with my grandfather, Giovanni Bernardis. He was born in Dolegna at the beginning of the 20th century and grew up in this small village. Together with his wife, grandmother Adriana, and their sons, they founded a farm dealing with cows rearing, wine and cereals production.

grandparents Giovanni and Adriana

Norina Pez – Giuseppe and Stefano Bernardis

The turning point came at the end of the ‘70s when my parents, Giuseppe Benardis and Norina Pez, decided to devote themselves exclusively to wine production and commercialisation by improving vineyards management techniques and bringing about advanced systems of wine making.

Nowadays, thanks to the third generation represented by Stefano Bernardis, the farm has been further galvanised and modernized. Stefano, who took the lead within the company some years ago, is an experienced winemaker/ oenologist who combines the past with the future, and tradition with innovation.


Our firm has an ethical and ecological approach to agriculture and wine production. We view our vineyard as one solid organism and firmly believe that healthy and disease-free grapes are essential to high quality wine. Our farming practices, from pruning to harvesting, are mainly carried out by hand and with the intent of protecting the environment and wildlife.

We use environmentally friendly growing techniques, with limited use of fertilizers and pesticides. We do not carry out any insecticide treatments in order to protect beneficial insects, plants and our landscape. In the wine cellar we use modern techniques of wine making and storing, processing grapes and must with the utmost care and delicacy and decanting or bottling wine at the right moment, in order to avoid fragrance loss and preserve its quality.

Company information

Total area110.000 m2
Vineyard surface70.000 m2
Production capacity40.000 annual bottles